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Fabrication of self-assembled nanowire-type interconnects on a semiconductor device

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #8097535.

The present invention relates to a semiconductor device with nanowire-type interconnect elements and a method for fabricating the same. The device comprises a metal structure with at least one self-assembled metal dendrite and forming an interconnect element (424) between a first and a second metal structure. The fabrication comprises providing an ambient environment adjacent to an interconnect surface region of a substrate that is suitable for allowing growth of at least one metal dendrite between the first and second metal structures, and initiating and sustaining self-assembly of a metal structure comprising at least one metal dendrite in the interconnect surface region between the first and second metal structures by irradiating the pn junction with photons of an energy suitable for creating free charge carriers in the first and second doped substrate regions and thus creating an electric potential difference between the first and second metal structures, which is suitable for electrolysis of metal from at least one of the first and second metal structures.

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