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Load monitoring method and load monitoring apparatus for kneading apparatus

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #8096698.

In an extruder or a kneader, load (torque T) values on an input shaft portion of a screw shaft are detected by a load detector installed on the input shaft portion, then an overload condition is determined from a load mean value (T.sub.a) and a load amplitude value (T.sub.w) of the detected load values, and the issuance of an "abnormal" alarm and/or the stop of rotation of the screw shaft are (is) performed when an overload duration time (t.sub.o) of maintaining the overload condition exceeds a set time (t.sub.s). In this way the screw shaft is protected from fatigue fracture caused by application thereto of such a load as does not exceed a designed mechanical strength but causes fatigue fracture.

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