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Automatic alignment with subcomponents on a visual layout

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #8095884.

A processing device may include a WYSIWYG tool for designing two-dimensional visual layouts. The processing device may display a visual layout including a first object component and a second object component. The first object component, or an object subcomponent thereof, may be moved or resized, or an object subcomponent of the second object component may be moved or resized. When an edge of the first object component or an edge of the object subcomponent, thereof, is within a snapping distance of an edge of the object subcomponent of the second object component, the processing device may attempt to align the edges and may display an indicator indicating alignment of the edges. The first object component or the object subcomponent, thereof, may be drawn to an aligned position with the object subcomponent of the second object component while the aligned edges are within the snapping distance.

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