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Rotationally invariant non-coherent burst coding and decoding

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #8095849.

An apparatus, system and method can be arranged for coding and/or decoding with a phase invariant coding scheme that is useful for short burst signaling devices. 10-bit data is mapped into a 12-bit data with a non-coherent burst code mapper. A parity generator creates a 12-bit parity data to form a 24-bit extended binary Golay code from the 12-bit data. The values for selected bit fields in the 12-bit data and 12-bit parity data are swapped to generate I and Q data such that sensitivity to changes in rotational phase is removed. I and Q data can be used by a transmitter to transmit a rotationally-invariant signal. On receipt, I and Q signals can be recovered, reverse swapped to generate the parity and data signals, and remapped to recover the transmitted 10-bit data. The receiver can also be arranged to use a soft decoding method for improved signal integrity.

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