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Speaker system and fitting device

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #8094853.

A speaker system includes a cabinet, a front baffle, a speaker unit, a rear baffle, and a fitting member fitted in the rear baffle. The front baffle includes a front duct segment extending backward from the rear thereof. The rear baffle includes an opening portion, a duct connecting portion, and a receiving portion having a semicircular cross section. The receiving portion extends from the opening portion to the duct connecting portion while protruding backward. The opening portion, the receiving portion, and the duct connecting portion have a groove. The receiving portion has an engagement hole. The fitting member having a semicircular cross section is formed by double molding. The frame of the member is made of relatively rigid resin and the rim thereof is made of relatively flexible resin. The frame has an engagement projection. The receiving portion and the fitting member constitute a sealed rear duct segment.

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