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Head suspension and piezoelectric actuator

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #8094416.

A head suspension with a piezoelectric element involves simple wiring and realizes high reliability, the head suspension has a base plate, a load beam connected to the base plate, a flexure attached to the load beam, and a piezoelectric actuator having a piezoelectric element arranged between the base plate and the load beam, the piezoelectric element is configured to deform according to a state of applied voltage and move a front end of the load beam in a sway direction according to the deformation, and the piezoelectric element has first and second piezoelectric parts that are oppositely polarized and deform according to a state of applied voltage, a common electrode formed over first surfaces of the first and second piezoelectric parts, a first electrode formed on a second surface of the first piezoelectric part, and a second electrode formed on a second surface of the second piezoelectric part.

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