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Rock bit with vectored hydraulic nozzle retention sleeves

Image Number 7 for United States Patent #8091654.

A drill bit for drilling through an earthen formation to form a borehole includes a bit body having a central axis, an internal plenum, and an underside. The underside includes an annular outer region. The bit body includes an outer receptacle extending from the plenum to the outer region. In addition, the drill bit comprises a first and a second cone cutter. Each cone cutter comprises an outer region distal the bit axis. Further the drill bit comprises an outer sleeve having an upstream end received by the outer sleeve receptacle and a through passage. The through passage includes an upstream section having an upstream axis and a downstream section having a downstream axis that is skewed at an angle .alpha. relative to the upstream axis. A projection of the downstream axis passes between the outer regions of the first and second cone cutters.

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