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4Less--Xtaless, capless, indless, dioless TSOC design of SOC or 4Free--Xtalfree, capfree, indfree, diofree TSOC design of SOC

Image Number 13 for United States Patent #8089353.

4Less-Xtaless, Capless, Indless, Dioless TSOC Design of SOC or 4Free-Xtafree, Capfree, Indfree, Diofree TSOC Design of SOC is the True System On Chip Design of Smart Mobile Sensort(SMS) for Sevice Of Community(SOC). Xtaless is Xtaless Clock Generator. Capless has the Capless Toggle and Capless LDVR. Capless Toggle is the de-bouncing circuit. Capless LDVR is the Low Drop Voltage Regulator. The Indless SM adopts the PHM of Pulse Hybrid Modulation of the PWM and PFM. The LDVR and SM can share the same driver. Dioless is the Dioless TRNG which the True Random Number Generator. The Xtaless Clock Generator adopt the PVTNAH design which is Process. Voltage, Temperature, Noise. Aging and Humidity compensation design. The Xtaless Clock using LC resonator of which LC resonator is self-compensation LC resonator over the temperature and humidity. The smart USB switch for SOC design can save the portable battery power. The Triple-Mode Camera for SOC design has the ultra-wide dynamic range for the still camera mode, video camera mode and surveillance camera mode.

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