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Integrated circuit device and associated layout including linear gate electrodes of different transistor types next to linear-shaped non-gate conductive segment

Image Number 11 for United States Patent #8089098.

A restricted layout region in a layout of a semiconductor device is disclosed to include a diffusion level layout including a plurality of diffusion region layout shapes. The plurality of diffusion region layout shapes are defined in a non-symmetrical manner relative to a centerline defined to bisect the diffusion level layout. A gate electrode level layout is defined to include linear-shaped layout features placed to extend in only a first parallel direction. Adjacent linear-shaped layout features that share a common line of extent in the first parallel direction are separated from each other by an end-to-end spacing that is substantially equal across the gate electrode level layout and that is minimized to an extent allowed by a semiconductor device manufacturing capability. The gate electrode level layout includes linear-shaped layout features defined along at least four different lines of extent in the first parallel direction.

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