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Illumination device with detachable light sources

Image Number 13 for United States Patent #8087797.

An illumination device includes independent light sources and pivotable legs. In an embodiment, each independent light source includes a head having an illumination element; a body; a power source holder configured to receive a power source for powering the illumination element; a switch configured to control the independent light source; and an electrical circuit configured to place the independent light source and at least one other independent light source in an electrically coupled state. The switch may be configured to control an illumination state of both the independent light source and the at least one other independent light source when in the electrically coupled state. The illumination provided by the illumination device may be adjusted to different angles with respect to a longitudinal axis of the illumination device by rotating each of the plurality of pivotable heads. The pivotable legs are movable between a retracted configuration and an expanded configuration.

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