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Gaming machine with dialog outputting method to victory or defeat of game and control method thereof

Image Number 19 for United States Patent #8083587.

A slot machine 1 of the present invention makes a control so as to: sequentially store the number of game values consumed per unit game; sequentially store the number of game values given per unit game; calculating a difference between the total number of game values given and the total number of game values consumed, as a self game value difference; transmitting the self game value difference to outside; receiving someone's game value difference from outside; when the self game value difference and the someone's game value difference are in a predetermined relationship, voice-outputting, by the conversation controller 91, an answer at volume corresponding to the predetermined relationship from the speaker 23 in response to a voice input through the microphone 90; and delete the stored numbers of game values given and consumed, under a predetermined condition.

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