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Concrete wash and recovery system

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #8083394.

A system for recovering concrete wash product includes a support frame mounted pivotally to a chassis of a transit concrete mixing vehicle, and a container mounted to the frame for arcuate movement with the frame, between a collecting position with the container disposed below a discharge chute of the vehicle, and a dispensing position with the container disposed adjacent an opening of a mixing drum of the vehicle. The container initially is placed in the collecting position to receive concrete wash product from the discharge chute by gravity as the chute is cleaned with water. After cleaning, the frame is pivoted to raise the container to the dispensing position, and a valve is opened to allow the concrete wash product to flow from the container into the mixing drum by gravity. In vehicles equipped with booster axle systems, the booster axle frame supports and positions the container, and also supports and positions the booster wheel/axle assembly.

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