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Plastic container with pivoting bottom wall portions

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #8083093.

A container has a base with a bottom wall rib structure which deforms downwardly when an unresisted load is applied. The rib structure stiffens the base, and also can elevate the food product from liquid within the container. The bottom wall has a central platform which extends upwardly from a lower encircling segment. The lower encircling segment marks the lowermost portion of the base as molded, and extends inwardly from the lower margin of the sidewall. Two generally parallel longitudinal ribs extend across the platform and project upwardly from the platform. The longitudinal ribs extend from the lower encircling segment at the front of the base to the rear of the base. Short bridging ribs are evenly spaced parallel to one another and extend laterally between and connect the two longitudinal ribs. A plurality of cross ribs extend outwardly from each longitudinal rib to the encircling segment.

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