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Hitch pin securing system for receiver mounted assemblies

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #8079613.

A hitch pin securing system for receiver mounted accessories. The present invention provides a device for securely clamping a shank tube to a receiver tube. This securing device minimizes the rattling and relative movement of the shank tube and the receiver tube due to the clearance between the shank tube and the receiver tube. The securing device includes a threaded nut or bushing mounted within the shank tube. A hitch pin is inserted through the receiver tube and shank tube and engages the shank tube nut. A locking handle is used to tighten the hitch pin relative to the shank tube nut. Once the hitch pin is tight, the handle is pivoted relative to the hitch pin to cause a cam surface to tighten the shank tube nut against the shank tube which forces the shank tube in tight engagement against the receiver tube.

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