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Striking devices for prize-winning game machines

Image Number 9 for United States Patent #8079597.

A striking device for a prize-winning game machine is disclosed, primarily comprising a striking head, an X-Z axis moving mechanism, and a Y-axis striking mechanism. The moving mechanism comprises two symmetrically disposed X-axis guiding rails and a Z-axis guiding rail where both ends of the Z-axis guiding rail are movably connected at X-axis guiding rails. The Y-axis striking mechanism can movably connected at the Z-axis guiding rail and comprises a Y-axis guiding rail and a striking rod moving along and disposed on the Y-axis guiding rail. The striking rod is off-axis aligned and connected to a back surface of the striking head for striking the targets in the prize-winning game machine. Therefore, the Y-axis striking mechanism will not be tilted or shifted during numerous striking operations to greatly increase the durations of the striking head and the striking mechanism.

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