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Carrier-suppressed optical pulse train generating device and method

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #8078062.

The device is structured to have a first electric modulation signal generator, a second electric modulation signal generator, a two-mode beat light source and an optical intensity modulator. The first electric modulation signal generator generates and outputs a first electric modulation signal. The second electric modulation signal generator generates and outputs a second electric modulation signal of a same frequency as the first electric modulation signal and to which a phase difference of .delta. radians is provided (.delta. is a real number satisfying The two-mode beat light source is driven by the first electric modulation signal, and generates and outputs two-mode beat light. The two-mode beat light is inputted to the optical intensity modulator, and the optical intensity modulator generates and outputs a CS optical pulse train. Light transmittance of the optical intensity modulator is modulated by the second electric modulation signal.

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