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Two dimensional/three dimensional digital information acquisition and display device

Image Number 7 for United States Patent #8077964.

A two dimensional/three dimensional (2D/3D) digital acquisition and display device for enabling users to capture 3D information using a single device. In an embodiment, the device has a single movable lens with a sensor. In another embodiment, the device has a single lens with a beam splitter and multiple sensors. In another embodiment, the device has multiple lenses and multiple sensors. In yet another embodiment, the device is a standard digital camera with additional 3D software. In some embodiments, 3D information is generated from 2D information using a depth map generated from the 2D information. In some embodiments, 3D information is acquired directly using the hardware configuration of the camera. The 3D information is then able to be displayed on the device, sent to another device to be displayed or printed.

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