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Elastomeric gloves and methods of making

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #8075965.

Elastomeric film-like products such as natural latex gloves are coated with novel lubricity compositions and compositions which protect the skin of the wearer from certain undesirable medical conditions. In powder-coated gloves, the coating composition comprises rice starch, and optionally USP-grade colloidal oatmeal in pharmaceutically accepted concentration. In powder-free gloves, the coating composition comprises colloidal oatmeal enhanced water or beta glucan solution, optionally in combination with one or more other starch components. Colloidal oatmeal enhanced water, and methods of making the colloidal oatmeal enhanced water are also disclosed. In addition, beta glucan solution, and methods of making the beta glucan solution are also disclosed. A liquid referred to herein as Polycoat may also be made by mixing colloidal oatmeal enhanced water with beta glucan solution, and the resulting liquid may be applied to elastomeric articles such as gloves.

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