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Plasma processing apparatus

Image Number 8 for United States Patent #8075733.

A plasma processing apparatus includes: a decompression chamber of which the inside is depressed; a gas supply unit that supplies process gas into said chamber; a microwave supply unit that supplies a microwave into the chamber to generate plasma; an object-placing electrode where a processing material, is placed and which holds the processing material in the chamber; and a vacuuming unit that is connected to the chamber to discharge the gas in the chamber, in which the chamber, a part for providing gas into the chamber of the gas supply unit, a part for introducing a microwave into the chamber of the microwave supply unit, the object-placing electrode, and the vacuuming unit are disposed coaxially with the center axis of the chamber, and the part for introducing a microwave includes a microwave rotation generator that rotates a polarization plane of the input microwave and supplies the microwave to the chamber.

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