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Cooking apparatus with concave emitter

Image Number 11 for United States Patent #8074634.

An emitter may be positioned for absorbing energy from a burner, and the emitter may include a substantially concave surface for emitting infrared radiant energy so that a substantially uniform distribution of infrared radiant energy is provided at a predetermined plane. The predetermined plane can be referred to as a plane of absorption because, for example, an article for absorbing at least some of the infrared radiant energy may be positioned at the plane of absorption. For example, food can be cooked at the plane of absorption. A support member for supporting the food to be cooked may be proximate the plane of absorption. The support member for supporting the food may be a cooking grid, rotisserie, or other suitable device for supporting the food. In one particular example, the support member is a cooking grid that may be proximate the plane of absorption, or more specifically the cooking grid may be substantially coplanar with the plane of absorption.

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