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Motion sensor for measurement in a dynamic environment of co-existing tilt and horizontal acceleration

Image Number 17 for United States Patent #8074367.

A motion-sensing device for sensing tilt and acceleration when either tilt, horizontal acceleration, or tilt and horizontal acceleration acting concurrently, influence the device, including: a substrate having a vertical surface, a first accelerometer fixed to the vertical surface of the substrate; a pendulum flexibly coupled to the substrate proximate to the first accelerometer; and a second accelerometer fixed to the pendulum. The first and/or second accelerometers are preferably an accelerometer; a spring-mass system; and/or any tilt or accelerometer sensitive elements. The first accelerometer includes an accelerometer that measures tilt and linear acceleration in a first geometric plane, the pendulum is constrained to move in the first geometric plane, and the second accelerometer is operable to measure linear acceleration in the first geometric plane. The motion-sensing device or devices coupled to a machine, vehicle, and/or a control system. The pendulum is critically damped using a damping fluid.

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