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Floating J-hooks between two bushings in housing with a single piston

Image Number 19 for United States Patent #8069693.

A lock mechanism for locking at least one door of a container in a closed position includes first and second members slidably coupled to each other to move relative to each other, a latching mechanism configured to prevent the two members from moving relative to each other in at least one direction when the latching mechanism is in a locked state, and first and second lock members, each of the lock members including a first end and a second end. The first ends of the first and second lock members protrude through the body. The second end of the first lock member is coupled to the first member of the locking mechanism and the second end of the second lock member being coupled to the second member of the locking mechanism. The first ends of the first and second lock members are configured to engage portions of the container to lock the at least one container door in a closed position. The body is sized and disposed to support the first and second lock members to prevent rotation of the first and second lock members about points where the first and second lock members are attached to the first and second members of the latching mechanism. The lock mechanism further includes a lock circuit at least partially enclosed within the body. The lock circuit includes a lock controller coupled to the latching mechanism and configured to receive commands related to the operation of the lock mechanism, wherein the lock controller is configured to cause the latching mechanism to be in the locked state in response to the received commands.

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