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Optical sight device

Image Number 11 for United States Patent #8069577.

An optical sight having a reference housing having a reference housing aperture formed therein; at least one reference point positioned within the reference housing aperture; an eclipsed ring having an eclipsed ring aperture formed therein; wherein the eclipsed ring includes a pivot aperture formed therein, wherein the eclipsed ring is pivotably coupled, via a pivot pin extending through the pivot aperture, to the reference housing such that the eclipsed ring may pivot relative to the reference housing and such that the eclipsed ring naturally pivots to a predetermined position, and wherein the eclipsed ring is pivotably coupled such that a first side surface of the eclipsed ring faces generally towards a second side surface of the reference housing; and at least one surface preparation on the first side surface of the eclipsed ring, wherein the surface preparation is visually distinguishable from a surface of the reference housing aperture.

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