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Garment protection device and method for reducing the risk of bone fracture

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #8065753.

Here is disclosed a garment a device and a method for reducing the risk of bone fracture of a human or animal subject due to impact forces on a vulnerable region having a bone part, e.g. the greater trochanter near the skin surface, there being a soft tissue region proximate to the vulnerable region lacking a bone part near the skin surface. The garment comprises at least one protective device shaped in accordance with anatomical features of the vulnerable region and the soft tissue region so that the impact energy is shunted for the vulnerable region to the soft tissue region, where such energy may be safely dissipated and mounting means for removable mounting the at least one protective device on the subject in a manner permitting the shunting of impact energy from the vulnerable region to the soft tissue region. The protective device is shaped for partly or totally surrounding the vulnerable region and has a thickness establishing a protective free space that will not transfer energy above the vulnerable region and comprises a soft and elastic material having a suitable elasticity and hardness, so that in the case of a fall the impact force will partly compress the device against the soft tissue region and as the elastic material rigidifies during its compression, it will gradually transfer the energy to the surrounding soft tissue, whereby a substantial portion of the impact energy is absorbed and retransmitted to the soft tissue region. The garment provides a lightweight, soft and less bulky protective device which is comfortable for the wearer and which maintain a stable form and which still makes it possible to transmit sufficient impact energy to the soft tissue region surrounding a vulnerable region.

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