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Cleaning device for cleaning nozzles of SMT machines

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #8062434.

A cleaning device to clean a plurality of nozzles of a surface-mount technology (SMT) includes a first cleaning container, a supporting board, a filtering member, a second cleaning container and a connection member. The first cleaning container defines a first opening in a bottom thereof. The supporting board to fix the plurality of nozzles is connected to the bottom of the first container. The filtering member is located at a bottom of the supporting board. The second cleaning container is connected to the filtering member, and operable to receive cleaning fluid. The connection member is connected the first cleaning container and the second cleaning container. Injection of air to the first cleaning container and the second cleaning container allows the cleaning fluid to circularly flow through the second cleaning container, the connection member, the first cleaning container, the supporting board, and the filtering member to clean the plurality of nozzles.

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