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High-rate groove pattern

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #8062103.

The invention provides a polishing pad useful for polishing at least one of a magnetic, optical and semiconductor substrate in the presence of a polishing medium with a polishing pad. The polishing pad comprises a center, an inner region surrounding the center, a transition region connecting grooves from the inner region to an outer region surrounding the inner region. The outer region has multiple grooves with a high-rate path. The transition region is adjacent the outer region and within a radius from the center defined as follows: .times..times..times..times..times..times. ##EQU00001## ##EQU00001.2## .times..function..times..theta..times..times..function..times..theta..tim- es..times..times..times..times..theta..times..times. ##EQU00001.3## with the inner region originating continuous grooves that extend uninterrupted to the outer region.

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