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Identification band

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #8061069.

A fabrication sheet is appropriately dimensioned and otherwise suitable for use with a printer. A symmetrical, removable and foldable identification band is included in the fabrication sheet. The fabrication sheet includes a rectangular backing sheet, covered by a working sheet, which may be made of imprintable woven polyester. The backing and working sheets are secured to each other by a releasable adhesive and have a combined thickness and flexibility that permits them to pass through a printer without difficulty. The working sheet is die-cut to define the outline of the band configured in such a way that it includes a strap portion and a tag portion. The tag portion is positioned at one end of and extends from the strap portion. The tag portion of the unfolded band includes wing sections extending outwardly, one from each side of the strap portion. The tag portion of the working sheet may include a generally rectangular patch of a different material that better accepts and holds a printed image. The working sheet includes two parallel linear series of spaced-apart insertion areas through which a fastener, such as a snap-on clasp, can be inserted to secure the band in a looped configuration. A perforation line or score line may be formed along the center axis of the band to facilitate folding.

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