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Automated transaction processing system and approach

Image Number 9 for United States Patent #8060410.

Transaction management is facilitated using an approach involving the use of transaction characteristics to authenticate transaction information. According to an example embodiment, a computer processing system is programmed to process a shipment transaction involving a shipper and a carrier. The system is particularly suited to efficiently automate the payment of a shipment transaction and to efficiently provide access to relevant shipment information. The system includes a shipper processor that receives transaction document information such as purchase order information and assists in generating a bill of lading for the transaction. A shipper access terminal interfaces between the shipper processor and a central processor arrangement to control the quantity, quality, and timeliness of information transferred to the central processor arrangement. The central processor arrangement stores selective transaction information such as shipment information and generates reports regarding the transactions, with each transaction having particular information associated with it (e.g., shipper ID, carrier ID and other information). A carrier processor provides proof of delivery to the central processor arrangement. The central processor communicates with one or more financial institutions so that the carrier is paid and shipper billed for the relevant transaction.

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