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Filter apparatus configuration of pulsed cleaned panel-style filters and methods

Image Number 16 for United States Patent #8057563.

An air cleaner includes a housing with a dirty air inlet, a clean air outlet, and an interior. A tubesheet is in the housing interior having a plurality of openings. A panel-style filter arrangement is oriented such that each one of the openings in the tubesheet is covered by the panel-style filter arrangement. A plurality of blowpipes are oriented to direct a fluid pulse at a respective one of the openings in the tubesheet covered by the filter arrangement. Preferably, each blowpipe is oriented to direct a fluid pulse at a respective one of the openings in the tubesheet covered by the panel-style filter arrangement at an angle that is: (i) not normal to a plane of the openings in the tubesheet; and (ii) not in line with a general direction of filtration flow through the panel-style filter arrangement.

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