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Method and tool for IP multicast network address translation (MNAT)

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #8054766.

The present invention permits translation of SM addresses (*, G.sub.1) and (*, G.sub.2) to configurable SSM addresses (S.sub.0, G.sub.0). IGMPv2 group membership queries from the receiver subnet are translated to IGMPv3 membership queries for processing in a SSM network. In the preferred embodiment, packets travel via a connection to the multicast router (mrouter). The mrouter queries an IGMPv2 receiver. The IGMPv2 receiver generates a membership report and sends it back to the mrouter. The mrouter translates the membership report into a (S.sub.0, G.sub.0) as specified in a multicast address translation table and stores the translation in the Multicast Forward Information Base (MFIB) located in the mrouter. Multicast payload addressed (S.sub.0, G.sub.0) flowing towards the IGMPv2 receiver can be translated to (S.sub.0, G.sub.0). When media data is addressed to (S.sub.0, G.sub.0), the mrouter consults the MFIB for forwarding and can also translate the destination address to (S.sub.1, G.sub.1).

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