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Bookmaking apparatus

Image Number 12 for United States Patent #8052131.

A bookmaking apparatus includes a first path to convey a sheet bundle, a second path to convey a cover sheet, a joining stage disposed at an intersection of the first path and the second path, a gripping conveyance device arranged for gripping and a conveyance device arranged at a downstream side of the joining stage for conveying out the cover sheet and sheet bundle. The gripping conveyance device includes clamping members to grip the sheet bundle and clamping control device for opening and closing the clamping members. The clamping control device operates the clamping members to grip a lower edge of the sheet bundle when joining the sheet bundle to the cover sheet, and the clamping members to retract to an upstream side of the first path and to grip the sheet bundle again when conveying the joined sheet bundle to the conveyance device.

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