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Endoprosthesis having foot extensions

Image Number 11 for United States Patent #8048146.

Endoprosthesis, such as a stent, includes at least one annular element defined by a first set of strut members interconnected to define apices proximate opposite sides of the annular element. The annular element further includes a foot extension extending between at least one pair of circumferentially-adjacent strut members. The foot extension has first and second foot portions extending circumferentially from corresponding ends of the circumferentially-adjacent strut members, and are contoured to provide at least two areas of flexure. The first and second foot portions are joined at a toe portion of the foot extension, and define a circumferentially-directed apex between the pair of circumferentially-adjacent strut members. Preferably, at least one or more additional annular elements, each defined by interconnected strut members, are provided. The annular elements are generally expandable between a delivery configuration and a deployed configuration. The annular elements are longitudinally aligned and connected at connection locations with connectors, wherein at least one of the connectors is constructed of a bio-absorbable material.

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