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Game machine, game control method, and information storage medium

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #8047906.

A game machine for giving more enjoyment to a player by using a timing instruction image for guiding the player to an evaluated timing. In the game machine for allowing the player to perform a game operation using a controller in time with game music, in order to give guidance to the player about when to execute the game operation, a first timing instruction image (reference arrow mark (48L)) is displayed on a display screen, and a second timing instruction image (special timing guide arrow mark (43)) gradually approaching the first timing instruction image is displayed on the display screen according to timing data stored in timing data storage means. Timing of the game operation executed by the player is compared with timing represented by the timing data stored in the timing data storage manes, the game operation executed by the player is evaluated, and a display position trajectory of the second timing instruction image on the display screen is changed depending on a result of the evaluation.

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