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Process for producing molded object with embedded member

Image Number 7 for United States Patent #8038921.

A process for producing a molding having an embedded member which comprises: a first step in which a mold (1) having pins (3) which extend from the outside to the inside of the mold and can be withdrawn outward is heated to a given temperature; a second step in which a member (2) to be embedded is held in a given position within the mold by supporting the member, including an upper part thereof, with the pins (3); a third step in which a thermoplastic resin is packed through a gate (1d) first into that part of the cavity of the mold (1) which is located under the member to be embedded to thereby cause the thermoplastic resin to press the member against the pin (3) located in an upper part of the mold; a fourth step in which the thermoplastic resin is packed into the remaining part of the cavity of the mold (1); and a fifth step in which the pins (3) are withdrawn successively from the lower side of the mold before cooling to a temperature at which the thermoplastic resin solidifies and loses its flowability.

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