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Opening-sealing apparatus for honeycomb molded body, opening-sealing apparatus for honeycomb fired body, method of filling plug material paste, and method of manufacturing honeycomb structured

Image Number 12 for United States Patent #8038817.

An opening-sealing apparatus for a honeycomb molded body comprising: a paste filling device equipped with a paste filling unit having an opening-sealing mask in which a number of openings are formed at predetermined positions and a paste supplying unit; an image pickup device for picking up an image of the end face of the honeycomb molded body; and an image analyzing device for analyzing the image obtained by the image pickup device, wherein the image analyzing device analyzes the positions of the cells based upon the image of the end face picked up by the image pickup device; the opening-sealing mask is made in contact with the end face of the honeycomb molded body in such a manner that the positional error between the openings of the opening-sealing mask and the cells of the honeycomb molded body is reduced to a minimal level; and the plug material paste, which has been supplied from the paste supplying unit to the paste filling unit, is injected through the opening-sealing mask and filled in the end portion of the cells.

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