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Integrated circuit package and method of manufacturing same

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #8035216.

Decoupling capacitors are frequently used in computer systems in order to control noise. In general, decoupling capacitors are placed as close as possible to the devices they protect in order to minimize the amount of line inductance and series resistance between the devices and the capacitors. An integrated circuit package includes a substrate (110, 210) having a first surface (111, 211) and an opposing second surface (112, 212), and a die platform (130, 230) adjacent to the first surface of the substrate. The substrate has a recess (120, 220) therein. The integrated circuit package further includes a capacitor (140, 240) in the recess of the substrate. The presence of a recess in the substrate provides an opportunity to reduce the separation distance between a die supported by the die platform and the decoupling capacitors. A further advantage of embodiments of the invention lies in its ability to maintain socket compatibility.

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