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Electro-optic displays, and materials and methods for production thereof

Image Number 8 for United States Patent #8034209.

An electro-optic display is produced using a sub-assembly comprising a front sheet, an electro-optic medium; and an adhesive layer. An aperture is formed through the adhesive layer where the adhesive layer is not covered by the electro-optic medium, and the sub-assembly is adhered to a backplane having a co-operating member with the aperture engaged with a co-operating member, thus locating the sub-assembly relative to the backplane. In another form of electro-optic display, a chip extends through an aperture in the electro-optic medium and adhesive layer. In a third form, the aforementioned sub-assembly is secured to a backplane and then a cut is made through both backplane and sub-assembly to provide an aligned edge.

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