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Verification engine for user authentication

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #8032927.

Computer-implemented system and methods for authenticating the identity of a person, for example a customer (1) of an E-Commerce web site (15). The web site or other verification "client" (110) contacts a verification engine (10, 100) ("Authentex"), which may be implemented as a web server (604). The verification engine (10), in turn, has limited access to a plurality of independent, third-party secure databases (21, 112) which are maintained by Trusted Validators (3, 610, 620, etc), which are entities such as banks that have a pre-existing relationship with customer (FIG. 4), and due to that relationship, acquire and maintain "out-of-wallet" data (4) that may be useful to authenticate the identity of the customer. That confidential customer data--held by the third-party "Trusted Validators"--is not disclosed.

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