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Corrosion resistant magnetic component for a fuel injection valve

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #8029627.

A magnetic component for a magnetically actuated fuel injection device is formed of a corrosion resistant soft magnetic alloy consisting essentially of, in weight percent, 9%<Co<20%, 6%<Cr<15%, 0%.ltoreq.S.ltoreq.0.5%, 0%.ltoreq.Mn.ltoreq.4.5%, 0%.ltoreq.Al.ltoreq.2.5%, 0%.ltoreq.V.ltoreq.2.0%, 0%.ltoreq.Ti.ltoreq.2.0%, 0%.ltoreq.Mo.ltoreq.2.0%, 0%.ltoreq.Si.ltoreq.3.5%, 0%.ltoreq.C<0.05%, 0%.ltoreq.P<0.1%, 0%.ltoreq.N<0.5%, 0%.ltoreq.O<0.05%, 0%.ltoreq.B<0.01%, and the balance being essentially iron and having at least one of Al, V, Ti and Mo.

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