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Fluid handling device with directionally-biased wetting surface

Image Number 11 for United States Patent #8028722.

A fluid handling device with an anisotropic wetting surface including a substrate with a multiplicity of asymmetric substantially uniformly shaped asperities thereon. Each asperity has a first asperity rise angle and a second asperity rise angle relative to the substrate. The asperities are structured to present a desired retentive force ratio (f.sub.1/f.sub.2) greater or less than unity caused by asymmetry between the first asperity rise angle and the second asperity rise angle according to the formula: f.sub.3/f.sub.2=sin(.omega..sub.3+1/2.DELTA..theta..sub.0)/sin( b.2+1/2.DELTA..theta..sub.0).

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