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Mop holding device

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #8025347.

A mop holding device featuring a base, the front wall has a top edge and a top portion, the top portion is angled such that the top edge extends outwardly; a mop opening for receiving a pole portion of the mop disposed in the front wall; and a support bar in the inner cavity of the base for helping to support a head of the mop. A curved inner wall with a vertex is disposed in the inner cavity below the support bar, a hole is disposed in the vertex to allow passage of water out of the base. Optionally a backsplash is attached on the base, wherein a replaceable deodorizer component may be disposed on an inner surface of the backsplash. A mop holder component and/or hooks may be disposed on the base. The device may be mounted atop a stand or an expandable stand.

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