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Hydraulic damping device for drawer

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #8025135.

A hydraulic damping device for drawer includes a cylinder holding a hydraulic fluid, a piston rod moving in and out of the cylinder and having a pin at one end inside the cylinder, a rigid valve block affixed to the inner end of the pin of the piston rod and having equiangularly spaced through holes, a retainer affixed to the outer end of the pin of the piston rod, a piston coupled to the pin of the piston rod and movable along the pin between the rigid valve block and the retainer and having a plurality of axially extending through holes, a number of the through holes of the piston being respectively aimed at the through holes of the rigid valve block for allowing the hydraulic fluid to pass through the piston in one direction at a high speed during outward stroke of the piston rod and to pass through the piston in the other direction at a low speed during inward stroke of the piston and a plurality of spring strips for stopping against the rigid valve block, and a shock absorbing device that buffers the impact of the rigid valve block when the piston rod is extended out of the cylinder.

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