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Lens cover for an optical sight

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #8024885.

A unique, new and useful structure designed to simply and efficiently cover and protect the lens of a sight, especially a firearm sight such as the hooded models of the EO Tech Holosight type 511, 512, 551, and 552 models. A lens cover comprises a housing with a pair of lens openings, and a pair of lens covers, one for each lens opening. The housing has a recess for receiving the lens covers, and each lens cover is biased toward the recess and is moveable against its bias to a position in which it covers a respective lens opening in the housing. In a preferred embodiment, the recess and the lens covers are configured such that (i) the lens covers can be received and oriented in the recess in a predetermined relation with each other and (ii) the lens covers can be efficiently manipulated when they are not received in the recess in the predetermined relation to cause them to be reoriented and received in the recess in the predetermined relation. Further each lens cover is pivotally supported on the housing in a manner that enables the lens cover to be pivoted toward and into the recess and to be pivoted relative to the housing as the lens cover is moved against its bias and to a position in which it covers a respective lens. Also, the lens covers are offset in relation to their pivot axes in a manner that enables them to be received and oriented in the predetermined relation, and oriented in a manner that enables them to be efficiently manipulated and reoriented when they are not received in the recess in the predetermined relation.

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