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Interspinous vertebral implant

Image Number 7 for United States Patent #8021395.

According to certain embodiments, disclosed is a vertebral interspinous implant including first and second supports (2,3) defining in their center part respective fixation bodies (7,8) to accept spinal processes of two respective vertebrae, these fixation bodies being located in a same sagittal plane, first and second elastically compressible bodies (4) being set between the first and second supports (2,3) and on each side of the said sagittal plane (P), first and second rigid guides (10) around which are arranged, respectively, the first and second elastically compressible bodies (4), each of these guides (10) optionally being connected at one of its extremities to the supports (2,3) and including at, at least, one of its extremities an abutment (13) adapted to cooperate with an abutment (14) of the corresponding support (3) in order to limit the separation of the supports (2,3) in the direction of the spine.

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