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Front structure of cab-over type vehicle

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #8020925.

A front structure of a cab-over type vehicle 1 includes a side member 10, a cab mount bracket 3, and a stiffener inner reinforcement 4. The cab mount bracket 3 is fixed to the side member 10, and includes a bracket base 31 mounted on a front end portion 15 of the side member 10 and a shaft supporting portion 30 supporting a cab 5. The stiffener inner reinforcement 4 is fixed to the side member 10, and includes a vertical wall portion 44. The vertical wall portion 44 is disposed in a direction that crosses a front-rear direction, between an upper plate 11 and a lower plate 12 of the side member 10 and below a rear end edge 36 of the bracket base 31. When a load F toward the rear is applied to the cab mount bracket 3, the vertical wall portion 44 suppresses upward bending deformation of the front end portion 15 of the side member 10.

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