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Effort-saving stapler

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #8020740.

An effort-saving stapler includes a first activating mechanism including a first connecting section and an abutting ridge, and a second activating mechanism including a ram and an arm including a second connecting section pivotally connecting to the first connecting section at a fulcrum point "A". The stapler further includes a pushing mechanism including a third connecting section, an anvil, and an abutting ridge contacting with the abutting edge of the first activating mechanism, and with these two abutting ridges defining a contact point "B". The stapler further includes a magazine including a fourth connecting section pivotally connected to the third connecting section at a second fulcrum point "C". The fulcrum point "A", contact point "B" and fulcrum point "C" are in a straight line when bending legs of the staples for closing the staples in an effort-saving way.

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