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Acoustic base tray for a dishwashing appliance, and associated method

Image Number 18 for United States Patent #8020662.

An apparatus and associated method for attenuating noise generated by a dishwashing appliance in operation is provided herein. During operation a dishwasher and its components generate thermo-acoustic waves associated with noise. A base tray comprising a major surface and an array of thermo-acoustic nodes are used to manage and control the thermo-acoustic waves. The array of thermo-acoustic nodes can be configured in a plurality of rows and columns with at least two thermo-acoustic nodes being interconnected. The array of thermo-acoustic nodes can be configured to channel the thermo-acoustic waves therebetween so as to control and manage the thermo-acoustic waves, thereby attenuating the noise associated with the thermo-acoustic waves. The base tray can be customizable with various arrangements of different thermo-acoustic nodes, clusters, stabilizers and/or channels.

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