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Method of processing a signal and apparatus for processing a signal

Image Number 10 for United States Patent #8019611.

The present invention relates to a method and apparatus for processing a signal. An object of the present invention devised to solve the problem lies on a method and apparatus for processing a signal, which allows a signal having optimized signal transmission efficiency to be transmitted/received. According to an aspect of the present invention, there is provided a method for processing a signal, the method including receiving a broadcasting signal including data coded using a group reference value corresponding to a plurality of data included in one of groups formed according to data grouping and a difference value corresponding to the group reference value, demodulating the broadcasting signal in consideration of a scattered pilot which varies over time and a continual pilot which is fixed over time in a frame of the received broadcasting signal and decoding the demodulated signal to obtain a broadcasting transmission stream, demultiplexing the broadcasting transmission stream to obtain data coding identification information and decapsulating Internet protocol (IP) packets having the coded data, obtaining the group reference value corresponding to the plurality of data and the difference value corresponding to the group difference value through grouping from the decapsulated data and obtaining the data using the group reference value and the difference value.

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