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Video frame motion-based automatic region-of-interest detection

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #8019170.

The disclosure is directed to techniques for region-of-interest (ROI) video processing based on low-complexity automatic ROI detection within video frames of video sequences. The low-complexity automatic ROI detection may be based on characteristics of video sensors within video communication devices. In other cases, the low-complexity automatic ROI detection may be based on motion information for a video frame and a different video frame of the video sequence. The disclosed techniques include a video processing technique capable of tuning and enhancing video sensor calibration, camera processing, ROI detection, and ROI video processing within a video communication device based on characteristics of a specific video sensor. The disclosed techniques also include a sensor-based ROI detection technique that uses video sensor statistics and camera processing side-information to improve ROI detection accuracy. The disclosed techniques also include a motion-based ROI detection technique that uses motion information obtained during motion estimation in video processing.

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