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Oscillator, transmitter-receiver and frequency synthesizer

Image Number 12 for United States Patent #8018290.

An output terminal 6 is provided at the connecting point 5 between the collector terminal of a transistor 1 and an open-ended stub 4 by connecting the open-ended stub 4 to the collector terminal of the transistor 1, the open-ended stub 4 having a line length equal to a quarter of the wavelength of a signal of frequency 2NF.sub.0 or 2N times the oscillation frequency F.sub.0. In addition, an output terminal 9 is provided at a connecting point 8 located at a distance equal to a quarter of the wavelength of a signal of oscillation frequency F.sub.0 from the end of an open-ended stub 7 by connecting the open-ended stub 7 to the base terminal of the transistor 1, the open-ended stub 7 having a line length longer than a quarter of the wavelength of the signal of oscillation frequency F.sub.0.

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